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Product Specification:100G/500G/1KG/25KG

Minmum Order Quantity: 1KG

Sample Requirement:Free Sample / Freight Charged / to final agreement


PROEPICATE® is one of the powerful antioxidant found in the certain plant such as blue barriers, coco grapes and green tea which is basically found in the tropical region of the equator, where the hot and humid client is well suited.  Reopicate is 100% natural products and it belongs to the group of flavanol 3 old, 

part of the chemical family of flavonoids and it is the secondary metabolite. 



The advancement in biotechnology make its possible metabolite and also possible to produce it economically but it requires close case continuous attention as its production requires was affected by the various condition of growth. Rpoepicate not only increases strength but also help to improve the muscles. Studies have proved that its intake help to increase the strength of immune that helps to fight against major diseases.

How to take this PROEPICATE®?

Its confirmation depends upon body type, anyway according to significant examination over the upgrades report customer can take it 100 to 200 mg in multi-day. 

Its affirmation urges you to full fill all the need that a body needs. Every so often it happens that people are too clamoring that they don't eat the satisfactory sustenance that is required for their body. For those people,  too much value as it contains all sort of normal things that are crucial for a strong body.

PROEPICATE® is extraordinary to gather your muscles as it has all the natty muscle designers’ normal upgrades insufficient total without any responses.