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What is Ipriflavone?

Ipriflavon English synonyms are 7-ISOPROPYLOXYISOFLAVONE and 7-Isoproxyisoflavone etc. Ipriflavone is made in the laboratory from another substance (daidzein) that is taken from soy. Soy is a plant. Ipriflavone is a synthetic isoflavone which may be used to inhibit bone resorption, maintain bone density and to prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. It is not used to treat osteoporosis. It slows down the action of the osteoclasts (bone-eroding cells), possibly allowing the osteoblasts (bone-building cells) to build up bone mass. An authority reported that was not effective in prevention or treatment of osteoporosis. A double-blind study reveals that ipriflavone might be effective on reducing tinnitus on otosclerosis sufferers.

How its works?

What we've learned is that not only does Ipriflavone work, but they work well and not just for animals, for humans as well. What's better, these highly anabolic compounds work through different metabolic pathways, making them the perfect stack to take together! They work synergistically to produce even better results! The powerful protein synthesizing properties and nitrogen retaining effects can be amplified even further in this manner! Gain more lean mass, increase strength, recovery times, bone mass, and induce a greater state of vitality with these powerful flavones. Ipriflavone can prevent bone strength loss, and help improve the effects of estrogen in preventing osteoporosis. When used in combination with estrogens, it might allow lower estrogen doses to be used in postmenopausal women. Meanwhile,Ipriflavone without worries of androgenic side-effects.

Dosage and recommend

Ipriflavone is recommended to be taken in the range of 250mg to 1250mg per day in divided doses.