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What is Amentoflavone ?


Amentoflavone is a naturally occurring plant alkaloid found in a number of different plants, most notably Gingko.  Early studies have shown that this compound possesses a plethora of benefits ranging from improving overall health to combating disease. It also has demonstrated a number of benefits for exercise, leading it to garner attention from trainers, athletes and supplement manufacturers, particularly those in the pre workout and fat burner market.


How it works?


The key to a full and complete muscular contraction is the release of calcium into the muscle cells. Amentoflavone possesses the unique ability to increase calcium release in the muscle, the only other compound found to accomplish this same feat is caffeine.Thus, by blocking PDE with amentoflavone, we indirectly increase cAMP and ultimately increase fat loss as well.Amentoflavone is also a Phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor.Another perk of being a PDE inhibitor, specifically PDE-5.


Dosages and Suggestion


Most people start with a single dose of about 200mg and increase or decrease this to give them their desired effect. A common dose is 400mg of amentoflavone extract prior to a workout.